Mother and daughter Clintons in Bay Area to talk about 'gutsy women'

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton promote their book on gutsy women at Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco. Oct. 20, 2019

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea were in the Bay Area on Sunday promoting their new book and talking about the women who inspire them.

The Clintons spoke at two sold-out events at Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco and in Danville at San Ramon Valley High School where hundreds of supporters turned out.

It was a moderated question and answer setting that lasted for a little more than an hour. The Clintons did not take any questions from reporters as they highlighted passages from "The Book of Gutsy Women,” a compilation of stories about women who inspire them.

“The first I heard of Amelia Earhart, the first woman war correspondent and photographer Margaret Bourke White, Helen Keller,” Hillary Clinton said to a crowd of about 1,400 at San Ramon Valley High. “People when I read about them made such a big impression.”

During the hour-long talk, the Clintons weighed in on Title IX, gun control and the president’s policy on immigration.

“I have discovered an anger I didn’t know with the separation of families and caging of children” said Chelsea Clinton.

The Clintons spoke highly of former Congresswomen Ellen Tauscher and Gabby Giffords.

“The amount of determination it takes for her to get up, get dressed, go out and speak which is very hard for her is immensely inspiring,” said Hillary Clinton.

One Congresswoman Hillary Clinton did not talk about was Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who in a podcast Clinton suggested Russia is grooming Gabbard as a third party candidate for president.

Gabbard fired back. On Twitter Sunday, Gabbard called Clinton part of the corrupt elite.

“I’m not quite sure I understand the motivation behind it,” said Karl Molineux of Danville.

Kevin Mszanowski is a Trump supporter who was visiting the Bay Area from Scottsdale, Arizona. He held a sign outside the event calling Hillary Clinton a liar.

“I like Tulsi Gabbard,” said Mszanowski. “I think she’s a veteran. I think she's informed. I don't agree with every policy of hers but what Hillary Clinton said about her being a Russian agent is terrible.”

“It’s a free country, she’s not running so she could say whatever she pleases,” said Denise Araiza of San Ramon.

Araiza defended Hillary Clinton wearing a Hillary for President 2020 shirt.

“Just in case she has a little inkling that maybe she'll jump in,” said Araiza. “I want her to know that her army is ready and waiting.”