Mother angry after school gives toy gun to student as gift

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A Pontiac mom is furious after finding out her first grader was given a toy gun at school.

She says the school handed out the Christmas gift to her child now she wants to know why.

"It's too much in the world with kids getting killed from playing with guns and toys just like this," said Brieanna Johnson.

Johnson says she is upset with her son's school Herrington Elementary which gave her son a toy gun during a Christmas party.

"They should have been more aware as to what was being brought into school," she said. "Because they could have brought anything in and passed it out to the kids, given that they were wrapped."

The mother says her 6-year-old son Cameron knows he is not allowed to play with toy guns but she is still trying to find a way to explain why others may think differently

"It's crazy that I have to, I don't know how to go about that yet," she said.

Fox 2 reached out to Pontiac Schools which released this statement:

"During the holiday season, several area businesses and organizations were kind enough to donate gifts for our students.  One of our students received a toy gun as part of those donations. Because the gift was already wrapped, our staff had no way of knowing what was inside. Although intentions were good a mistake was made. We appreciate our partners and in the future will work with them to pick out gifts that are more appropriate and non-offensive."

School officials say it's still not clear what company provided the toy gun but Johnson says she plans to throw it out.

"I would honestly like an apology from the company," she said. "I don't appreciate it with everything that's going on in the world."