Mother continues to grieve son's stabbing death as jury convicts suspects

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) - It's an emotional week for a South Bay mother. Evelyn Kendrix says her son was stabbed and killed at Guadalupe Oak Grove Park two years ago.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted 22-year-old Vincent Gallegos of 2nd degree murder for the death of 27-year-old Errick Wright. The two men were said to be acquaintances.

At the park Friday evening, Kendrix showed KTVU the spot where her son died, "I come up here because I know Errick loved this park and I know this is where my son took his last breath."

Kendrix turned 50 on Friday, a milestone birthday she had always hoped to celebrate with her son who she says helped her through her battle with breast cancer.

On this day, her thoughts turn to having the city install a memorial bench at the park to honor her son. "I get emotional every time I come up here. It's more of a calming feeling when I come up. Look, it's beautiful." said Kendrix. She describes her son as joyful and loving.

Kendrix says there's some measure of justice after the jury convicted Gallegos for Errick's death.

On this night, a visit with family and friends to the park leads to a chance encounter with the couple who tried to help her son after he was stabbed 20 times.

"Wish there was more we could have done that day," said June Ferrero. She and her husband Mike Ferrero testified during the trial. They say their thoughts are with Errick when they walk their dogs at the park daily.

"You will always remember that time as you walk by where it happened...that will always stay," said June. "It's just a senseless, senseless tragedy," said Mike Ferrero.

Kendrix says Errick was a father figure to his 7-year-old nephew Caleb who he was helping his mother raise.

Now Kendrix looks forward to the future.

She says a memorial bench would be a fitting tribute to Errick," He would have loved to have been jogging down the hill, get to the end of the hill and be able to have somewhere to sit. I think it makes sense."

Gallegos faces 16 years to life behind bars.

Kendrix says she hopes to be able to forgive her son's killer someday.

Click here to donate to a memorial bench for Errick.