Mother-daughter tied up, held at gunpoint in Fremont home-invastion robbery

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Fremont Police need help solving a home invasion from December.  In home surveillance video released Thursday, four intruders tie up a mother and daughter and hold them at gunpoint while ransacking their house. The suspects followed the two women into their garage and terrorized them for 45 minutes.

In the video, released by Fremont Police, the first clip is a masked man, pointing a semi-automatic handgun at the victim.

“It happened a lot,” said Fremont Police Spokeswoman Geneva Bosques. “There's much more video and it's very, very disturbing to watch.”

According to Fremont Police, back on December 8 at 10:45 p.m., a mother and daughter returned to their home on Sunrise Drive when four men followed them through an open garage door. Inside, they stole cash and valuables. Police said, the women's wrists were tied up with duct tape and the suspects held them hostage.

"They were pushing them around through the house, grabbing their hair, holding the guns to their heads, and threatening them,” said Bosques. “It’s awful.”

Police said it appears the suspects and victims didn't know each other.

"It feels random,” said Bosques. “It does not feel targeted. There's nothing about this family that makes up believe they were a target.”

While the robbers faces are concealed, police hope someone will recognize their clothing and their mannerisms in the video.

“It was just scary to hear all the details, it's not easy to imagine,” said Neighbor Sudhendu Pandey. “It's less than a block from where you live. It could very well been yourself.”

Neighbors said they are well aware of the crime. Home invasions are rare in Fremont. Police said there were three last year.

“We are very watchful, everyone is upgrading their security,” said Pandey. “They are keeping an eye on everything that's going on here."
Police said the daughter injured her finger during the home invasion and was treated at the hospital. Police are stepping up patrols and have met with the neighborhood to ease their concerns.