Mountain View police dog laps up 'Pup-accino'

Zeus, a Mountain View police dog, enjoys a Pup-accino. Dec. 14, 2017 Photo: Mountain View police

Police dog Zeus took a break from sniffing out drugs on Thursday around Santa Clara County to enjoy a well-deserved treat, which ended up getting smeared all over his wet nose.

The Mountain View Police Department Labrador received a special “Pup-accino” from a local Starbucks during a department outreach event.

Zeus lapped up the Pup-accino— a cup filled with whipped cream (no coffee involved!) —after he “politely” asked for it during the department’s final Coffee with a Cop event at Starbucks on San Antonio Road in Mountain View, police spokeswoman Katie Nelson said.

“He’s kind of on a sugar high right now,” Nelson said, adding the 7-year-old Zeus was running around police headquarters after finishing his special treat.

Zeus has been with the Mountain View Police Department for six years, and for the past few years, he’s been one of the Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team’s narcotics dogs. 

“He’s extremely successful in what he does,” Nelson said.

Unlike regular patrol dogs, Zeus is only called out in specific situations, Nelson said. Zeus is specially trained to find and alert law enforcement to narcotics, and he’s found quite a lot throughout his career, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine and, in a large bust in 2015, 50 pounds of methamphetamine.

When he’s not out hunting down narcotics, Zeus can be found out in the community with his handler, Mountain View Police Sgt. Wahed Magee.

The two often attend department outreach events, such as ice cream socials and handing out candy canes during the holiday season.

Maybe that's where Zeus acquired sweet tooth?