Movie-themed Halloween House collects San Jose donations

A homeowner in San Jose is going above and beyond decorating this Halloween, and it’s all for a good cause. The decorations are based on movie themes, and they’re also asking the community to drop off canned goods and other items for those in need. 

Most people have heard of Hollywood but this Halloween in San Jose, "Bonywood" as in the land of skeletons, is here again. The homeowner says she’s also getting a head start on giving back.    

If you’re looking for something different this Halloween, head over to Willo Mar Drive in San Jose and there you’ll find Bonywood.  

"Oh I think one of my favorites was the skeleton E.T. and probably Lady and the Tramp. Yeah, Lady and the Tramp for sure. That’s the most disturbing," said Lori Roberts, who visited the display for the first time and made a donation.     

Janeen Shember says her family has been decorating her yard for Halloween since 2004. She says hundreds of people come to by her home each year but last year she decided to choose a theme.  

"A couple of years back we decided we wanted to do a theme and really focus our decorations. So we chose Bonywood, making fun of Hollywood. So, all the scenes out here are movie references," Shember said.  

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow and NOPE are a just a few of the 14 different movie themes displayed. 

Shember also says because there was so much need during the pandemic, last year she asked people to donate canned goods and other items like toothbrushes, soap, and diapers as they walked the block for Halloween. 

"It's Sacred Heart Community Services, and they provide services for everyone throughout the San Jose area. Families, singles, the homeless. People who need immediate support and people who need long-term support as well," Shember said.

Last year Shember says she filled up the back of her Prius with donated items. 

This year she’d like to fill this barrel with items too. Financial donations can also be made by using the QR code posted outside the corner house or by using the link on her Bonywood Facebook page.  

All donations including monetary gifts go directly to an account with Sacred Heart Community Services.  

Shember says she’s expecting about 250 trick-or-treaters on Halloween.