Mudslide snarls traffic along Morgan Territory Road

Hundreds of people are frustrated after being cut off from grocery stores, gas stations and other businesses because of a mudslide on a rural Contra Costa County road.

The county still doesn't know when it can start repair work along Morgan Territory Road which runs between Clayton and Livermore. A section of road is completely impassible due to damage from the slide. It's been that way since Friday.

A water main in the area is severed in two, meaning nearby ranches are operating without running water. They are trying to get enough water for their homes and horses.

Neighbors say the problem is only getting worse with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

At this point Contra Costa County says it cannot fix the road because it's still sliding. Drivers told KTVU one of the major concerns is emergency services. If someone needs emergency care - responders will have to take the long way around which would possibly add 20-30 minutes to their response time.

For a while power was knocked out in the area as well, but PG&E has been able to reroute power.

At this point there's still no timeline for repair work.