Multiple charter buses carrying Apple employees targeted on Highway 280

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Multiple charter buses have been targeted on Highway 280, according to Officer Art Montiel with CHP Redwood City.

Mashable was the first to report the incidents. 

There were five reports of  charter buses hit by unknown objects between Woodside Road and State Route 85 on Tuesday. 

The incidents occurred in both the morning and evening on both northbound and southbound directions of Highway 280.

Some of the charter buses transport employees for Apple and Google. Four of those incidents were with buses carrying Apple employees, while one incident was with a bus carrying Google employees. 

According to Officer Montiel it's unclear what the objects were. It's possible the objects were either rocks or pellet guns.

The buses were occupied at the time. No one was injured in the incidents. 

The CHP is working with Apple to investigate. 

Since the buses were unmarked it's unclear if a suspect or suspects were targeting Apple, but it does look like the charter buses were targeted, according to Officer Montiel.

"This is a serious issue because if this happened to distract the driver - the driver could collide and we could have a multiple vehicle crash at the same time it could cause major injuries to the passengers of the bus and other drivers," said Officer Montiel.

At this point, additional details have not been released.