Musicians with autism connect through virtual concerts during shelter-in-place

In the South Bay, a trio of musicians with special needs is using music to connect with others during the shelter-in-place order.

Lawrence Wang, 30, Alice Jen, 21, and Greg Hebert, 25, make up "Dream Achievers Band: Musicians with Autism."

The Fremont residents who have performed internationally are now doing the same on Facebook.

"Whenever I strum my guitar in my band "Dream Achievers Band," it feels like I'm a rockstar," said Hebert.

For the month of April, the band has hosted weekly live concerts every Thursday online from the Friends of Children with Special Needs facility in Fremont.

Standing apart, the group has performed songs including "Dance Monkey," "Sweet Caroline" and even a revised version of "Staying Alive" where the lyrics were changed to "stay at home" instead.

Kathy Hebert is mother to guitarist Greg. She teared up talking about the response the musicians have received.

"The joy the band gives to people. If we can't be there in-person, then it's the next best thing," said Kathy Hebert.

Hebert said the concert has become the highlight of her week.

The performances are hosted by Anna Wang, the Executive Director of FCSN and mother to musician Lawrence Wang.

Anna Wang said every performance ends with a song of hope, which is the reason the band performs weekly.

Both mothers can be seen dancing in the background to encourage others to take part, including the other special needs children now at home.

"Anna and I just start dancing off to the sides to give people the permission cause we know they're feeling it. That joy I was talking about should be felt and expressed," said Kathy Hebert.

Greg Hebert said while he likes playing music, he misses seeing his friends. He says the concerts have helped cheer him up and he passed on a message of inclusivity for anyone also needing a boost.

"Somewhere in time or somewhere down the line, they will roll on and always be able to rock n' roll because all of them are my brothers and sisters," said Greg Hebert.

The band's next live concert is planned for Thursday.