Muslims at Pleasanton community center filled with uncertainty

Many who came to pray at the Muslim Community Center in Pleasanton today say they are filled with uncertainty now.

The executive order by President Donald Trump banning immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries has brought hurt and anger to some.

"I am worried. Because there are a lot of unknowns in every way you look at it," said Emal Numan of Pleasanton.

Numan is an immigrant from Afghanistan. Even though he is a U.S. citizen with full rights, he's afraid to travel outside the country.

"We don't know if we will be allowed back in. Afghanistan is not on the list of countries. I'm a naturalized citizen and I don't want to take the chance," he said.

Numan has two young sons who often ask him questions. He says he knows what he'll tell them.

"Anyone [who] tells you it's okay to marginalize a group of people based on their religion or ethnicity is wrong," he said.

Not far from the mosque, immigration attorney Spojmie Nasiri has been getting calls from people all over the globe the last few days.

"We are getting conflicting rhetoric from the White House about lawful permanent residents who are being turned away," she said.

Nasiri, is also a U.S. citizen who was born in Afghanistan. She says the executive order is hurtful.

"As a Muslim-American I am outraged. Our constitutional rights have been violated," she said.
She disagrees with President Donald Trump's statement defending the swift implementation of the ban saying  there are quite a lot of "bad dudes" out there.

"There are no reports of any of the countries banned having a terrorist attack on U.S. Soil," said Nasiri.
The Muslim-Americans we spoke with say they are relieved to see the outpouring of support their community has received since the ban was announced.

Much of the visible support occurred at airports including SFO, where more than a thousand people demonstrated this weekend.

"I tell my fellow Muslims, including my family, that we are not in this alone," said Nasiri.

President Trump says the executive order will make the U.S. safer. Some say it will make it more dangerous and continue to divide the country. 

"You are playing right into the hands of ISIS. They will exploit it, telling Muslims the U.S. is not on your side," said Numan.

Difficult times, now and perhaps ahead.