N.D. protesters consider meeting with pipeline operators

(AP Photo/James MacPherson)

North Dakota tribal leaders are considering a meeting with the operators of a controversial oil pipeline as soon as this Wednesday as a large protest heads into winter months. 

Since August more than 400 people have been arrested at the demonstrators' encampment near the construction site. 

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is afraid the pipeline will taint their drinking water and destroy sacred burial grounds. 

Meanwhile, the state of North Dakota wants to borrow an additional $4 million to cover policing costs. 

This week people began to 'check-in' on Facebook to the site of the protest in a show of solidarity and to confuse local law enforcement in Morton County as to how many protesters were present. 

Last week hundreds of armed state and local police and National Guard evicted and arrested many protesters from the site in a six-hour midday operation, using bean-bag rounds, tear gas and humvees and sound cannons. 

No major injuries were reported, but a woman was arrested for allegedly pulling out a gun and firing at officers.