Napa winery's viral job description sounds 'cult like' to some

A Napa Valley winery's job posting went viral on Twitter this week for what some critics said made the company sound similar to a cult.

The job posting from Dry Farm Winery said the ideal candidate for the loyalty coordinator must be comfortable with their culture requirements, including practicing "30-60 minute team meditation, gratefulness practice, group visualization, and family meeting" daily. 

The ideal candidate is also expected to be on board with the company's culture, including the "Code of Creation" and "Code of Co-Existence." 

"At Dry Farm Wines, we believe in a connected source energy. We tap into this energy by thinking, creating, and vibrating at a higher frequency," the job listing said. "We optimize this connection through higher consciousness, a path that includes meditation, mindfulness, gratefulness, and open practices together. We call our collective practices Conscious Abundance."

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The company says it strongly believes in the coexistence of peace and profit and does not have a vacation or time off policy.

Interested applicants can submit their resumes and answer 15 questions about job and wine experiences, hobbies, and thoughts on "love," "authenticity" and "trust." 

The job listing became a hot topic on Twitter after user @clapifyoulikeme tweeted some pages from the application. That tweet is not available any longer.

While some Twitter users have found the job posting "cult-like," stressful, or simply bizarre, the San Francisco Chronicle said those who know the winery should not be surprised at all. 

The winery is known for being a big proponent of "biohacking," "healthy wine," and group meditation in the wine industry, according to the Chronicle.