New confirmed COVID-19 case at Santa Rita Jail

FILE ART - Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

There is one new positive case of novel coronavirus among the population of quarantined inmates at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, the Alameda County Sheriff's office said Sunday.

The county facility now has nine positive inmate cases, said to be recovering, the office said. 

Another 22 tested positive but have fully recovered and remain in custody.

Two inmates who tested positive have recovered and are no longer in custody.

There are also two positive cases among staff and contract workers at the jail and both are said to be recovering.

The number of inmates now at Santa Rita is 1,738, compared with 2,597 on March 1.

The number of inmates at Santa Rita has decreased significantly because county court officials have agreed to release low-level offenders in order to reduce the danger of having inmates spread COVID-19 by living together too closely.

In addition, Sheriff Gregory Ahern has told police agencies to cite and release low-level offenders instead of bringing them to Santa Rita.