New evidence emerges in case of missing 49ers fan

Family and friends of Ian Powers resumed their searching for their missing loved one. Powers hasn’t been seen since leaving Levi’s Stadium near the end of Monday’s 49ers’ game.

Also Thursday Santa Clara police released a new piece of evidence in the puzzling case. Stadium security video, showing Powers leaving near Gate C and walking toward the parking lot. Investigators are using the new video, and other images not yet released to the media, to piece together a timeline leading up to his disappearance.

Meanwhile, reinforcements in the search efforts have now taken up the cause. Thursday morning, family and friends resumed their search for Ian Powers near Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

“We’re just gonna ago walk around some more and look around the creek and areas around there. He couldn't’ swim, so maybe there’s something,” said Chelsea Robbins, as she huddled with family members in a parking lot on Great America Parkway.

Robbins was joined in the sleuthing by Ian’s relatives, who drove down to the Bay Area from Spokane, Washington.

“We just pulled in. We left last night. And got here today. We’re very concerned,” said Ian’s aunt, Tara Semler.

The 32-year-old Powers was last seen at the 49ers game Monday night. Robbins says he had been drinking at the game, and near its conclusion, left their seats in section 226 and went to the bathroom around 8:15 p.m, and disappeared. Santa Clara police released security video from Levi’s Stadium, showing Powers walking across the bridge connecting Gate-C with the parking lot around 9:03 p.m.

“It’s apparent from the video he’s able to walk somewhat normally. He’s not staggering. Or falling. Or needing to lean on things,” said Santa Clara police captain Wahid Kazem.

Family members say Powers is a veteran and ardent 49ers fan, who was excited about attending the game on the date Veteran’s Day is observed, with his girlfriend and two children. He has no medical issues, no enemies, and no reason to go missing..

He’s the kindest, sweetest, most caring person that you could have ever met. And he always thinks of everybody else first. He would never leave his girlfriend and his kids. That’s how you know something’s wrong,” said Semler.

Wednesday, police used available officers and K-9s to do intensive searching of Powers’ last known location. A snapshot of a video call with his girlfriend as the two tried to meet at their car in this parking lot. But Powers’ cell phone died, and the couple never connected.

“But he had the car keys. I just thought he would have made it back to the car once he figured out we couldn’t find each other,” said Robbins.

The dimly lit picture she clings to is just the latest clue in a Monday night mystery that remains unsolved.

“It’s too hard for us to discern where he’s standing at that time. The backdrop with the buildings and the signage is not clear enough,” said Capt. Kazem.

Santa Clara police would like to search thoroughly waterways near the Levi’s Stadium, and in Alviso. But fires burning in Butte County have led smoke-filled skies in the South Bay. That’s grounded the San Jose police helicopter again Thursday. Officials hope to get in the air, if the air clears, tomorrow. Police ask anyone who’s seen Ian Powers, last dressed in 49ers attire from head to toe, to  give them a call.