New exhibit showcases work of animator who developed some of Disney's iconic moments

A new exhibit at the Disney Family Museum in the Presidio showcases the work of one animator who had a hand in some of Disney's biggest movies. 

Mel Shaw was an animator in the 90's and worked on the blockbuster hit, "The Lion King."  "I'd go, Mel we're thinking about this thing with lions and Elton John and he'd come up with these amazing visuals, some of which are in this show and you see them and go, oh that's lion king, but you have to realize he started with nothing," says Don Hahn, a producer of the movie. 

Shaw worked on Disney classics like "Bambi," "Dumbo," and "Fantasia."  And later, he worked on "Beauty and the Beast."  

"He worked with Orson Wells.  He played polo with Walt Disney.  He's this Forrest Gump kind of character who had all these sides to his life and I think that's what's so inspiring about this show." says Hahn. 

This is the first time Mel Shaw's work has ever been on public display, and it is a chance for everyone to see how much one individual can accomplish.  Hahn adds, "so it's kind of like, really?  The same guy did all this?  And he did."

The exhibit opens Wednesday and runs through September.  The Disney Family Museum is open every day except Tuesdays.