New report of cracked glass on Millennium Tower's exterior

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San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection (DBI) confirms a new report of another piece of cracked glass on the exterior of the problematic Millennium Tower.

The 58-story high-rise, located at 301 Mission Street, was inspected October 17. This new report was sent to DBI on Monday. The report found "spandrel glass" on the building's Fremont Street side between the 9th and 10th floor. Spandrel glass is opaque and is used to hide features between floors of a building.%INLINE%

The cause of the crack is unknown and the glass is currently taped to the building, according to DBI. 

The department has ordered Millennium Tower Association's Home Owners' Association to re-install pedestrian protective scaffolding, which the department says was preemptively removed, by close of business this Friday. The protection was removed October 11. 

The visual inspection was conducted by the HOA's architectural engineering firm Allana Buick and Bers. Inc (ABBAE). They found "no visual signs of distress to the curtain wall modules or panes."

However, the swing stage operator, used to scale the building and examine the Fremont St. side windows, reported the window washing firm had known about the broken spandrel for two years.