‘NeXt’ on FOX: Show trailer created completely by artificial intelligence

To showcase the use of artificial intelligence ahead of the premiere of the new sci-fi crime drama, “NeXt,” FOX tapped space150 to create the latest trailer using only AI.

Space150’s engineering team used AI to create, write and edit the newest trailer with the assistance of a machine-learning algorithm used to observe the entire series and select key themes, scenes and dialogue.

Facial recognition was used to analyze emotion for every frame of the show, building up an “emotion index” for scenes. Color, luminosity, contrast and sound were also observed for additional data points on each scene. The data was then analyzed for “positive, negative or neutral” feelings.

Once all of the components were compiled by AI, space150 used them to create a three-act trailer, allowing the bot to find scenes for “happy,” “paranoid,” and “action.”

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From there, AI was used to create the script and musical score, culminating in a complete show trailer.

This is the first time FOX has used AI to create a promotional trailer and is believed to be an industry first as well.

“NeXt” focuses on the terrors of rogue artificial intelligence and the real-life consequences of human dependence on technology. The show follows Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc (Emmy Award nominee John Slattery, “Mad Men,” “Veep”) a founder of a tech company who creates a new AI program which unintentionally becomes a threat to humanity.

“NeXt” premieres Oct. 6 9-10 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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