NFL's Tim Brown and 9-1-1

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Football fans know Tim Brown as a former team captain of the L.A. and Oakland Raiders. He mastered the sport. In October of 2017, however, he found himself in an out-of-control situation, a deadly wildfire.

The Santa Rosa fire tore through California's wine country as star athletes like Brown arrived for Ronnie Lott's charity golf tournament. As the fire neared he says NFL icon Marcus Allen phoned, alerting him to immediately evacuate. 

Brown and other athletes fled the hotel catching rides out with complete strangers. "I've been in hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, but I don't know if I've ever been that afraid before" he said.

That emergency gave Brown fresh perspective on the work he's done for decades. Brown is the face of 911 For Kids, under the parent organization Athletes and Entertainers for Kids.

The emphasis is proper usage of 9-1-1 system. At his own golf tournament honor Brown honors, dispatchers, first responders, law enforcement, and children who've used 911 to save a life. Advice from 9-1-1 for kids.

911 For Kids is run by Elise Kim. Her advice, have a landline at home. Dispatchers can only see an exact location with a landline. With cell phones the 9-1-1 signal goes to a cell tower. So in an emergency on a cell know your location:

This year 911 For Kids honored dispatchers on the job during the Ventura County fires and deadly mudslides.
Brown says, "To mentally be able to do what they have to do on a day to day basis probably is a lot more stressful than anything I've ever done on the football field."