NorCal nurses say Sutter Health not doing enough to keep them safe

Nurses at more than a dozen hospitals throughout Northern California say Sutter Health medical centers aren't doing enough to keep them safe.

A couple dozen nurses on Tuesday stood with signs outside Eden Valley Medical Center in Castro Valley holding signs and chanting.

As members of the California Nurses Association and Nation Nurses United, they are accusing the health system of not taking the health and wellbeing of nurses seriously especially during the pandemic.

The union says Sutter and the nurses group have been negotiating contracts for about a year with little advancement. 

The nurses are demanding better staffing, saying the hospital keeps hiring temporary traveling nurses who eventually move on to their next assignments, forcing full-time nurses to work massive overtime. 

They also say there isn't enough security when handling overly aggressive patients.. 

Sutter issued a statement to KTVU, saying: "Just as Sutter’s commitment to safe, compassionate care remains unchanged, so does our goal of reaching an agreement that reflects the good and important work of our nurses and maintains our strength and stability as an organization. As we continue with negotiations, our patients will continue to receive uninterrupted, quality care."

This demonstration is one of 15 happening all over Northern California.

Nurses say if much doesn't change soon, they will consider going on strike.