North Carolina waitress receives $10K tip left by YouTuber, shares it with co-workers

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A North Carolina restaurant server says she was rendered speechless after a very generous customer left behind a $10,000 tip.

It happened Saturday at Sup Dogs hot dogs and burger restaurant in Greenville. 

What made the $10,000 tip even more notable is what the customer ordered. 

Alaina Custer told KTVU that all he asked for was two glasses of water, which she kindly brought over to him. 

Custer later realized the lavish tipper was YouTube star MrBeast. With almost 9 million subscribers, the social media personality (whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson) is known for his videos, many featuring him carrying out random acts of generosity.

"I walked over to the table completely speechless!! I met them all after and they were so nice," Custer said.

And it appears the YouTube star was not the only one feeling generous that day.

"Her first words- 'let's split it with everyone,'" wrote Sup Dogs in a tweet applauding its employee.

Of the $10,000 Custer kept only a portion of the money.

"We split up the tips and all employees got $100 each, servers working with me got $200 each and I kept $800," Custer said, "I was happy to split up the cash with my coworkers."

Talk about paying it forward. 

The 22-year-old is a nursing student at East Carolina University. She said she plans to use her portion of the tip to get a head start on paying off some college loans.