'Nothing left': Vacaville man surveys damage after LNU Complex Fire tears through his home

A Vacaville man who was forced to evacuate from the LNU Lightning Complex Fire returned to find that his home was completely destroyed by the flames. 

George Ripley shared footage on Thursday of what was left of his home after some residents returned to survey the damage from the wildfires. 

Ripley walked through the rubble and debris to see what was left—a patio area still intact, coffee table, and towel. 

"So nothing is left. It appears that we should have just stayed back on the patio because this is the only thing that seems to be left, even a towel there that didn't burn. Everything else is gone," Ripely said in the video. 

Ripley said a neighbor told him the fire caused a propane tank to explode, which acted as a flame thrower and engulfed his home.

"Nothing left, but we're safe," he said before ending the video. 

Ripley wrote on Facebook that most of his neighbors' homes are still standing. 

Video Credit: George Ripley via Storyful