Novato police say pair from Sacramento arrested for stealing catalytic converters

Two men were arrested for stealing several catalytic converters throughout the Bay Area, which law enforcement says is a rising and problematic crime trend. 

The suspects, 31-year-old Luis Vargas, and 38-year-old Moses Santos, first stole one of the converters on Tuesday, and then stole three more catalytic converters in other jurisdictions, according to the Novato Police Department

Santos and Vargas, who police say drove to the Bay Area from Sacramento, were arrested on multiple other charges, including grand theft and tampering with a vehicle. 

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The rash of catalytic converter thefts has increased significantly across the Bay Area and beyond. 

In San Leandro alone, police there said this week that they have seen a 65% increase from 2020.

Novato police noted that hybrid vehicles with two power sources are the most targeted for catalytic converter thefts and they suggested parking the car in a locked garage when possible.