Oakland city council candidate says someone's ripping down their posters

An Oakland City Council candidate says someone has been ripping down campaign signs and banners. One of the incidents was caught on camera.

Surveillance video taken from the corner of Dimond Avenue and Macarthur Boulevard in Oakland shows the moment someone tears down a large campaign sign for Oakland City Council District 4 candidate Nenna Joiner.

"I feel personally attacked," said Joiner.

Joiner said three banners were ripped down the early morning hours of October 20th. Joiner – who uses they/them pronouns, said they got permission to display signs in these three locations, and they don’t know who would do this or why.

"It just feels harmful. It feels that you don’t know who that person is. They can be watching me they can be stalking me," said Joiner. "And so there’s that feeling of insecurity of what’s happening."

In the video, the person is seen crossing the street to where a large banner has been installed. The person spends about a minute taking it off the hooks and then crumples it up and tosses it in a nearby garbage can. Joiner said replacing the signs cost more than one-thousand dollars.

Joiner said, "It’s also a loss of money because it takes time to gain people’s confident and trust to get donations. And it really makes it hard to spend the money that you don’t have again to get back to where you were."

Joiner was able to obtain the license plate number, and reported the incident to police.

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