Caught on camera: Oakland clothing shop burglarized on Easter Sunday

A local shop owner is picking up the pieces after they found their store burglarized on the morning of Easter Sunday in Oakland, the owner confirmed to KTVU. 

The owners of Taylor Jay Collection arrived at their store on 2355 Broadway to find the front door's glass smashed in. 

"He took some of our suitcases from the back…He took two of the suitcases and filled them up with inventory too, and stole our stuff with our own suitcases," said store owner, Taylor Jay.

Video of the store shows glass strewn across the floor. The owners say a rack of samples is gone along with iPads that were used as part of their sales system. The owner said her store incurred more than $20 thousand in damages and stolen merchandise.     

"Really Oakland? On Easter Sunday? Omg my heart is broken and so many things have been stolen!" the owner wrote in the post. "Mayor, what are you doing to stop this madness? Our insurance isn’t going to cover this s***… we feel so violated as if business hasn’t already been hard. If anyone else saw this happening please send us a dm."

Video of the burglary shared with KTVU shows a single person breaking down the front door of the store. That person then makes their way through the store, pocketing items on shelves nearby. 

"I just felt violated. It was just traumatic," said Jay. "It’s already been really hard just being a business owner in Oakland, like having physical locations. And so just knowing that somebody came into a space that we paid for, that we put all our energy in, our time, energy and life into, it just felt terrible."

Jay had the following message for Oakland city leadership about crime: "My message is to help us, to help us out. Stop this…If you want our city to grow and to thrive, and to not die, you have to take it seriously. As businesses…we are keeping the economy going, and if we are suffering, and we can’t survive, what happens to our city?" 

The owner goes on to say that business in Oakland has been difficult. Those who wish to donate to the shop can find more information here