Oakland coffee shop issues apology for 'anti-Israel hate speech' graffiti in bathroom

An Oakland coffee shop has issued an apology just days after a viral video highlighted "anti-Israel hate speech" inside the establishment's restroom, according to a post from Farley's Coffee owners. 

The owners say that a customer at their shop allegedly saw anti-Israel hate speech written inside the restroom. The customer left the restroom, but when they attempted to go back in to document what they had seen, workers allegedly prevented them from entering. 

The customer was ultimately allowed to enter and document the graffiti. The owners took to Instagram on Thursday to say they had "taken corrective measures" with their staff and removed the graffiti. 

"We're not anti-Semitic; we value diversity,' the post reads. The owners posted to social media that they may be closing their doors while they handle the staffing issue, but that post was later deleted. 

Farley's owners, Amy and Chris Hillyard, posted a longer statement to social media on Saturday morning. They say the employees who interacted with the woman are no longer employed at the shop. 

"There is zero room in our business--or anywhere in our community--for speech or conduct that acts to ‘other’ anyone based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other discriminatory basis," the owners wrote. 

The Hillyards expressed sympathy for the "harrowing events" of Oct. 7, and also for the loss of Palestinian lives since the conflict began.  

"We can and must do better--and this starts with us creating a safe space for anyone who patronized our coffeehouse," the Hillyards wrote.