Oakland DMV office closed for remainder of week due to copper theft

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The Oakland DMV office near the Coliseum will be closed for the rest of the week KTVU has learned. 

Reporter Cristina Rendon says someone stole several dozen feet of copper piping from the HVAC system costing that office tens of thousands of dollars. 

Officials say the earliest the office could open is Monday, but there are no guarantees. 

Local DMVs will honor appointments for the rest of the week. 

The office was forced to close unexpectedly due to flooding.

The flooding happened inside the building after one of the water pipes in the ceiling burst.

There was so much water some of the water flowed out of the front doors of the building onto the sidewalk. Soaked and shattered ceiling panels were scattered across the floor.

At this point it's unclear exactly when the flooding happened. DMV spokespersons say the place was already flooded by the time employees showed up for work Wednesday morning.

Some of the already-scheduled appointments outside the building went ahead as planned including some drivers tests.

The agency moved some of the employees who usually work here to other locations to help. 

A few DMV employees stayed behind to direct confused customers.

DMV spokespersons say they're still assessing the damage inside. 

The DMV is a state facility and CHP is the primary investigating agency for crimes that occur on state property. The value for the recycled copper is $50, according to CHP Oakland Officer Matthew Hammer. 


Here are some other DMV options: 

•    Oakland                       5300 Claremont Ave.          10 miles
•    Hayward                     150 Jackson St.                     10 miles
•    San Francisco              1377 Fell St.                        19 miles
•    Walnut Creek              1910 N. Broadway               21 miles
•    San Mateo                   425 N. Amphlett Blvd.         26 miles