Oakland firefighters providing mutual aid to structure fire on Alameda Point

Fire on Alameda Point from @kungkarlos

Alameda firefighters have requested mutual aid from Oakland firefighters for a structure fire on Alameda Point, Monday afternoon. 

The commercial fire broke out at around 3:15 p.m. at 650 W. Ranger Avenue in Alameda. Firefighters said it was a large dwelling. 

Skyfox is over the fire in an industrial area. Crews are getting water on the fire. Alameda Fire Department said they went into offensive fire attack, but that due to the conditions and the dwelling, they had to withdraw crews in defensive strategy. 

Approximately 45 freighters are responding. Alameda County firefighters are responding as well. 

It is not clear how the fire started. No injuries have been reported. The fire is under investigation. 

Photo of structure fire at Alameda Point. Oakland firefighters providing mutual aid. 

Fire in Alameda Point.