Oakland has failed to collect millions in tax revenue: unions

Union workers say Oakland has failed to collect millions of dollars in tax revenue they haven't collected from local businesses at a time when the city faces a $360 million budget deficit. 

On Tuesday, union members who work for the city held a symbolic $34 million check during a news conference outside City Hall. 

The union members say collection of the tax money could prevent potential service cuts, including the closure of fire stations, along with improving 911 response times.

They want the city held responsible.

"There is a problem in the way the city is managing funds and resources," said Vanessa Riles of the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy. "It's being mismanaged, handled improperly, and it's being underreported. Where is the oversight? Where is the accountability?"

The unions delivered a letter to Mayor Sheng Thao calling for action.

The city of Oakland has not responded to KTVU's request for comment.

The mayor has previously said the city can close its deficit without major cuts to services.