Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff addresses violence, immigration in inaugural address

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said Monday that she is "full of gratitude and hope" as she begins her second four-year term as the city's mayor.

She's the first mayor in Oakland to be re-elected in the past 16 years.  In her speech, Schaaf outlined her plans and hopes for the "TOWN." 

She said her first priority is keeping residents safe. "I am grateful that our community lead ceasefire strategy has given Oakland an unprecedented six consecutive years of reduce homicides and shootings combined," said Schaaf.  

Before the mayor's address. A group of Oakland residents came together to voice their concerns. They said although the city has had a decrease in homicides, they are still affected.  

"Violence in Oakland should be number one priority. We are right now in a state of emergency," said Oakland resident Daryle Allums 

Since the start of the year, there have been five shooting deaths in Oakland including a triple homicide last week. Those gathered outside the council chamber including a current city council member stress that they don't want to be forgotten by the mayor.

"Step out of the box, come to the flatlands. Come see your people who voted you in are crying out right now," said Allums.  

"We welcome back re-elected Mayor Schaaf. Now we don't want this to be an afterthought. After cranes in the sky. We need violence prevention. restoration and healing to be the number one priority of the city," said Oakland City Council member Lynette Gibson McElhaney.

The mayor stated although crime is down, she's not celebrating because one life lost is one too many. 
She admits there's a lot of work to be done here and across the nation.  She also took out time in her speech to give a stiff warning to the President of The United States.  

"Here in Oakland, if you come to destroy the lives of our immigrants living in peace we will resist you. If you come to spread fear and division we will stand up to you," said Schaaf.  

The mayor also said her other priorities are working towards more affordable housing, education, homelessness, and mental health.