Family of coyotes photographed in Tilden Park

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Oakland photographer Jim Roach photographed this coyote in Tilden Park. July 2023 

A month after being robbed of his camera equipment, Oakland wildlife photographer Jim Roach was back at it again: This time, capturing images of a large family of coyotes roaming through Tilden Park.

In a social media post this week, Roach described the coyotes as they walked in a long line along a trail in the wooded park.

When one of the coyotes saw him behind his lens, Roach said the animal "let out a call of some sort and the entire group immediately ducked into the scrub along the trail and disappeared."

Roach estimates there were eight coyotes in all.

Roach said he also saw two juvenile red-tailed hawks warming up in the early morning sun. 


Wildlife photographer robbed at gunpoint in Oakland hills

A nature photographer, admired for his skills, was robbed at gunpoint of his personal belongings - including an expensive camera - in the Oakland hills.

The 72-year-old was robbed at gunpoint last month after he went out early in the morning to shoot photos. He believes he was followed by three masked robbers after parking his car near Joaquin Miller Road and Skyline Boulevard. 

They stole Roach's prized Canon camera with zoom lens, the one he uses to take high-definition photos of animals of all kinds, including a bald eagle, bobcat, coyote and birds of shapes and sizes.

Community members started a GoFundme page that raised more than $13,000 to pay for new equipment. 

Roach asked the campaign to end when the donations from adoring wildlife photography fans exceeded the fundraising goal.