Oakland police announce dedicated detail assigned to sideshow enforcement

Oakland sideshow during coronavirus pandemic. March 29, 2020 (Oakland Side Show Muscle Cars)

The Oakland Police Department announced a detail dedicated to sideshow enforcement.

On Sunday, the department tweeted: "Violent, disruptive & illegal behavior will not be tolerated."

The announcement also included a minute-long video featuring Deputy Chief Nishant Joshi, who said, "The Oakland Police Department will be deploying another sideshow detail this weekend. That includes dedicated police officers, tow trucks and other law enforcement partners. We do not tolerate sideshow activity in the City of Oakland."

Joshi seemed to be directing his message toward out-of-towners, stating, "You're welcome to come here to enjoy our sights, our scenery and our restaurants, but if you participate in sideshow activity, your vehicle will be towed."

Joshi ended the video with a warning: "If you think you've gotten away with sideshow in the past, there are those that will tell you we have come to their homes and taken their vehicles after a sideshow. So please, come to our city to enjoy it. Don't participate in sideshow."

The tweet also asked citizens with information about sideshow activity to email their tips to Oakland police at sideshowtips@oaklandca.gov.