Three arrested, including one juvenile, in Oakland shooting

Shots were fired towards a crowd just after 9 p.m. Thursday night near 19th and Broadway in Oakland. Although no one was hit, surveillance video captured the arrest of one individual inside a pizza restaurant in the area. 

From the scene, a vehicle associated with the shooting took off towards West Oakland with police in pursuit and a California Highway Patrol helicopter following from the air. 

The speeding car crashed at 31st and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, across from the Third Eye Community Center. 

Proprietor Empress Xia Nia has run the Third Eye Community Center across from the crash site for four years. 

She is a native Oaklander and says this part of town is a hot spot for issues. 

Suspect arrested after gunfire near 19th and Broadway Oakland, CA 11.30.2023

She was not at the center when the crash happened Thursday night, but said, "This is actually pretty typical; this doesn’t surprise me at all. There’s constantly so many things happening around here." 

The suspect vehicle damaged two parked cars when it crashed, pushing a gray SUV into a small, white sedan, causing extensive damage to both vehicles. 

When that happened, the driver and a passenger bailed, but were eventually apprehended after a large perimeter was set up. 

Empress Xia Nia said, "This block, particularly right here, used to be a very energetic block with a lot of different situations here that weren’t very safe."

She shared that the area sees a high rate of crime, and not a lot of officers or beat cops walk the neighborhood.

She said, "Out of all the police around here, there’s only one I’ve met; and the only reason I met him is because somebody got robbed down the street." 

Xia Nia said she’d like to see more engagement with city leadership and police at the community level. 

She said, "Engagement is so important because it develops this relationship of friends, community, family, tribe, which is really needed in a community like this." 

Oakland Police announced in an emailed release, they arrested three individuals, who were taken into custody, including one juvenile. 

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the OPD felony assault unit. 

Alice Wertz is a freelance reporter for KTVU Fox 2 News. She can be reached at