Oakland police no longer considering getting robots armed with shotguns

The Oakland Police Department said it's no longer interested in acquiring robots that can shoot deadly weapons.

The department said it won't be adding any armed remote vehicles to its fleet. The department said it did participate in ad hoc committee discussions with the Oakland Police Commission and community members to explore all possible uses for the vehicle.

"However, after further discussions with the Chief and the Executive Team, the department decided it no longer wanted to explore that particular option," the department said.

The remote-controlled robots are used to shoot projectiles.

Such a device was used by Dallas police to kill a man who had fatally shot five officers in 2016.

The civilian commission with oversight of the police in Oakland had seemed skeptical of the proposal.

"It's a lot easier to pull out a rifle or a gun and shoot someone than to put a live round into this thing," said one commissioner in a meeting last month. "But I think we are all concerned about the dystopian sort of universe where a robot sneaks into our room and shoots us, which I know is not the intention, but is certainly a scary thought and where our mind goes."