Oakland police officer hurt after car slams into big rig at Port of Oakland

An Oakland police officer was taken to the hospital early Monday morning after his patrol car hit a sedan, and then a big rig while he was responding to a report of a suspicious person near the Port of Oakland.

As of early Monday evening, police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said the officer remains in critical condition. Police did confirm the officer is the son of a lieutenant and that he will be identified on Tuesday with an accompanying photo. 

Watson initially didn't want too say much about the officer, including his name or age, saying his loved ones are probably just waking up to the news. But she did say "he's pretty new to the department." 

Oakland police confirmed the injured officer's father is a lieutenant in the department. 

Since the accident was so severe, Watson said, his colleagues turned their attention to the injured officer and did not pursue the report of the suspicious person. As Watson told it, about 2 a.m., the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious person at the port driving eastbound on Adeline Street when a silver sedan was pulling out of the port. He hit the sedan and that impact forced the officer's patrol SUV into a big rig parked in the center divide.

"The officer was trapped," Watson said. Police called the fire department to extricate him from the car.

Watson said all the drivers involved stayed on scene and everyone is cooperating. None of the other drivers were injured.

The investigation could last until late in the afternoon and traffic was backed up for at least a mile trying to used Middle Harbor Road. 

KTVU reporter Henry Lee contributed to this report.