Oakland police use Taser on domestic violence suspect, 2 officers sustain some injuries

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Two Oakland police officers were injured on Tuesday and the suspect was taken into custody after a domestic violence call.

Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said police were called out to 89th Avenue and B Street about 10 a.m. The mother of a woman who told investigators she was attacked, called police after a man showed up in the area in violation of a restraining order. Watson said the couple have a small child together.

Police officers showed up and tried to detain the man, who was not immediately identified. A witness said there was a fight between the man and two officers. And Watson said officers tried to subdue him, but he wouldn’t comply. Eventually, officers used a Taser on the man, trying to restrain him “with the least amount of force.” 

Watson also said the man was armed with a loaded firearm at the time. The man can be seen getting wheeled on a gurney into an ambulance, and Watson said he was taken to the hospital as a precaution because of the Taser.

The two officers were in stable condition at the hospital, Watson said, and they sustained “some injuries.” 

She also said she was glad the situation resolved and a “small, little baby is safe.”