Oakland puppy abused: bows glued to ears, cord around neck - looking for home

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A small 8-week-old puppy was taken to veterinary emergency services in critical condition.

According to Oakland Animal Services, the puppy had a vacuum cleaner cord wrapped around her neck and bows glued to her ears. She was also suffering from respiratory distress.

It was unclear if the puppy would survive - but she fought her way back to health. She was given the name Ali because she's a fighter like Muhammad Ali.

Ali is now 10 weeks old and is ready to find her forever home. According to Oakland Animal Services she has a sweet and loving disposition despite her rough past. Anyone interested in adopting Ali can see her during Oakland Animal Services visiting hours.

If you would like to donate toward Ali's care or help other animals at Oakland Animal Services, you can donate here. 

The case of animal abuse against Ali is being investigated.