Oakland street racing crash leaves alleged DUI driver hospitalized

A driver was hospitalized Tuesday after street racing on an Oakland highway and losing control of their vehicle before slamming into a pole.

The California Highway Patrol said calls came in around 11:40 a.m. about a crash on Interstate 580 west of Golf Links Road.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found an overturned Camaro that had flipped over an embankment on the right-hand shoulder of the road.

The driver of the Camaro was transported to a hospital with moderate injuries.


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Witnesses told officers that the Camaro was racing with another vehicle when the Camaro lost control, hit a pole, flipped over an embankment, and rolled over several times before colliding with a tree.

A tire that came loose from the Camaro hit the windshield of another vehicle. That vehicle was not involved in the street racing, and its occupants were not injured.

The other involved vehicle has not been identified as the driver fled the scene.

The CHP said drugs might have played a factor in the crash as the driver of the Camaro was under the influence of drugs.

That driver will be arrested after receiving medical treatment.