Oakland Tech Bulldogs boys basketball champs honored by Warriors at Chase Center

It was an unforgettable night for the Oakland Tech High School boys basketball team. On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors honored them at their home game for winning their first state championship. 

We spoke with their head coach and players about what this recognition means to them. 

"This is super exciting watching pro players play basketball in a big venue and having our own suite is amazing," said Ardarius Grayson, a point guard for Oakland Tech. 

The state champs' win last month against Bakersfield's Centennial High capped a season of 30 wins and 5 losses. 

"It feels good. We worked really hard for this moment the whole year from morning practices after school. It feels good to be recognized," said Chase Millheim a point guard for Oakland Tech. 

The players said basketball has taught them grit and tenacity on and off the court. 

"Everything isn't going to be given to you. You have to work hard for it," said Caleb Rollins a point guard for Oakland Tech. 

They credit basketball for keeping them from the gun violence that has claimed the lives of peers. 

"It's kept me away from trouble. Growing up in Oakland. It's pretty hard. Sports always keeps me focused," said Rollins. 

The Bulldog's Head Coach Karega Hart met Warriors Coach Steve Kerr as part of the festivities. 

Hart grew up in Oakland and graduated from Oakland Tech. He's now giving back to the school that shaped him. 

"It's a family environment," said Hart. "We make sure everyone has a part, regardless of how many minutes they play." 

"I ask the kids to be who they are. Love what they do. Make a difference and change the world," said K.C. O'Keith an Oakland Tech teacher. 

Grayson, number zero, is the Oakland Athletic League MVP. The 16-year-old said he and his three siblings are being raised by their grandfather. 

He said life's challenges are lessons. 

"The most important thing is resiliency. Fighting through everything even when you don't feel like you can fight anymore," Grayson said. 

Except for four graduating seniors, most players will be back for what they hope will be another winning season. But they won't be resting. They will be playing in the summer league.

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Oakland high school basketball teams state champions again

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