Oakland to phase out eviction moratoriums in mid-July

The Oakland City Council early Wednesday morning made a decision toward ending the city's moratorium on evictions. 

The council meeting, which went on past midnight, ended with the council voting 7 to 1 to phase out the eviction moratorium starting July 15.

The only  no" vote was for ending the moratorium even sooner. 

Supporters for ending the moratorium in July said they will give needed time to educate tenants and make legal referrals.

During a public comment period, more than 100 people addressed the council, including tenants, who said the council decision favors landlords. 

One man said: "The community is counting on you to add back in the requirement that landlords show substantial damages before throwing tenants out on the streets."

Ann McClain told the council: "Three years have passed where rental property owners have been abused, rental owners are owed thousands individually and millions collectively."

A second and final city council vote is still needed, and that's expected on May 2. 

If the moratorium phase-out is approved, it would also end a limit put on how much rent could be increased, starting in July 2024.