Oakland veterinary hospital to reopen following abrupt closure last spring

Oakland's Montclair Veterinary Hospital, made headlines in April when it abruptly closed its doors, leaving pet owners stunned. People and their pets will be happy to hear the vet hospital is reopening July 5. 

The facility has notified its clients in an email that they've been working the past few months to reopen and to deliver the same "high-standard" of care. The email indicates that they are supported by Dr. Andrew Moffatt and a local veterinary group, VetnCare, part of a network of American Animal Hospital Association-accredited hospitals. 

This development means there will be an expanded veterinary network. However, along with new faces, clients can expect to see some old ones too. 

"VetnCare shares the same values as we do here at Montclair with a commitment to improving the lives of our patients, pet parents, and our teams," Montclair officials wrote in their email. 

Montclair's abrupt closure blindsided many clients and left a bad taste in some loyal customers', and their pooches', mouths. One chocolate lab owner had paid a $750 deposit for their dog's surgery and then the clinic closed. 

The clinic, previously owned by Thrive Pet Healthcare, had persevered during the pandemic despite staffing shortages. 

As the clinic shuttered, Montclair referred clients to other facilities.