Oakland Zoo adopts orphaned mountain lion cubs; mother killed in Burlingame

The Oakland Zoo has adopted two orphaned mountain lion cubs.

On Tuesday, the female siblings were getting settled in their new home after their mother was struck by a car near Burlingame last Saturday. 

Over the weekend, the cubs were found safe in a nearby backyard.

They were transported to the Oakland Zoon on Tuesday and treated for minor health issues.

Dr. Alex Herman, vice president of the zoo's veterinary services, said the cubs looked "pretty good" at intake, albeit a little quiet.

"They're definitely dehydrated," Herman said. "They're definitely thin. They've probably been starving since they left their mom. But overall, no big injuries on their physical exam."

These are the 26th and 27th mountain lions the Oakland Zoo has adopted as part of its rescue and recovery program that began in 2017.