OC family turns tables on thief by using AirTag to take back stolen e-bike

A family in Orange County turned the tables on a suspected thief thanks to a popular tracking device.

Last month, someone stole Johnny Ehrman's e-bike, a vehicle worth some thousands. She said she relies on it for school, work and other places in between.

"I drive like 12 miles a day," Ehrman said. "I was sobbing outside my workplace. I actually had some of my coworkers be like, ‘What’s happening? Where is your bike?'"

But thankfully, Ehrman has some foresight as she placed an Apple AirTag on her bike in case something like this happened. The technology worked, as she and her dad were able to track down the bike.

Her father, David, got the e-bike back after a very brief confrontation with a man who was home with the stolen bike. David said the man at the house was very startled by the encounter.

"The dude just stood there with the look on his face like I've never seen anyone with that look," the dad said. "I think the look was shock. Like ‘How did you get my location?’"

The person who was home with the stolen e-bike, possibly the suspected thief, has not been formally charged as of Thursday night.