Officer helps pizza delivery driver change tire, delivers pizza

INDIANAPOLIS (FOX 32 News) - One Indiana police officer recently took her duties to protect and serve one step further.

Officer Waltz of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was on patrol recently and noticed a motorist changing his tire in the street. The driver told the officer he was struggling to change the tire because of an issue.

Officer Waltz stepped in to help, but unfortunately the tire could not be changed. The driver of the vehicle told Officer Waltz he was a pizza delivery driver and was stressed because he was on his way to deliver a pizza when the tire went flat.

So, Officer Waltz decided to drive him to his destination and help deliver the pizza a few blocks away! During their ride to the destination, the pizza driver told Officer Waltz he hopes to one day become a police officer so he can help others too! He went on to say his father is the Army and his grandfather is a Marine - so protecting the public is in his blood!

Thanks to Officer Waltz, the pizza was delivered on time and everyone was happy!

Story information from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's Facebook page.