One dead, three injured in shooting near UC Berkeley

Berkeley police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened near the UC campus and just outside student dorms.

Shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday, shots rang out on Telegraph and Durant avenues.

One student told KTVU the streets were busy because frat parties had just ended.

Late-night diners at a pizzeria heard the gunfire.

"We heard something that I thought was fireworks.  And it was eight rounds.  And we ran inside Taco Bell," said Jay Kalra. 

In fact, markers identify at least 20 shell casings on Telegraph near the Bear Basics clothing store.

Nearby vehicles were also struck.

"The bullet went into the tire of one of my, one of the tires," said Kalra.

Berkeley police say a fight broke out in the area, and at about the same time shots rang out causing people to flee for their lives.  

Police say four people were hit and injured by bullets, and one died.

Investigators have not released information about the victims, but say none are students.

There are indications suspects may have fled in a car.

"We heard a bunch of tires screeching and I just thought it was a car driving by, you know," said witness Jacob Daininel. "And then we hear the shots, so we come running out and we see a car and we see a car drive off real quick.  And then everyone’s just calling the cops you know."

Around the corner on Durant, a student took some video from Blackwell Hall at about the same time.

The video shows first responders removing victims from a vehicle.

"I saw there were like four dudes inside a car and like they got shot and they basically were like passed out and so police were trying to get them out of the car and just like put them on the floor and there was like blood everywhere," said Daphne Feijoo, a UC Berkeley student.

There was also blood outside resident hall unit three.

Police have not clarified whether they're treating the shootings as one incident or two.

Regardless, the violence has rattled nerves.

"It’s kind of scary when you’re actually there and you’re hearing gunshots down the street from where you are," said Jacob Daininel.

"It’s sad, right.  It’s Berkeley and there are lots of students here," said Kalra.

Police have yet to release any information about the victims or potential suspects.