OPD insist sideshow enforcement is still in full effect

Blocking off intersections that are popular gathering places for sideshows is another strategy that Oakland Police will use to combat the issue that continues to be a problem in the city.

"We had about eight to 90 cars that came into the City of Oakland, and we had several hundred spectators," said Johnna Watson, spokesperson for OPD. 

She spoke Tuesday about one of the three sideshow events that took place in the city on Sunday between 6:30 and 9:30 in the evening.

An officer suffered minor injuries at a sideshow on 55th Avenue and Bancroft Avenue over the weekend when a bystander began throwing objects at law enforcement. 

"If you're going to take violent actions against the police, what would you do to a community member," Watson said. 

For months, O.P.D. has beefed up enforcement of sideshows, but Watson said word has recently spread that the department was easing back, which she says isn't true.

"We're still very focused on enforcement for illegal sideshow activity."

During times that are popular for sideshow gatherings, OPD said he plans to close off the intersection of Interstate 880 and 42nd Avenue in Oakland, an area Watson said has been the scene of several injuries during the illegal activity. 

The department would not reveal the two other locations where traffic will be prohibited and rerouted.

"The message from the Oakland Police Dept. and the city of Oakland… don't come for illegal sideshow activity to Oakland," said Watson.

As they have been through the enhanced enforcement, police officers will continue to issue citations, two vehicles and arrest individuals participating in sideshow activity.