Over 150 marry at San Francisco City Hall on Valentine's Day

It was a busy day in San Francisco at City Hall, where over a hundred couples chose this day to tie the knot. The buzzwords heard around City Hall- "I do!" 

Over 160 couples made reservations to marry in the rotunda of City Hall on Valentine’s Day. 

It will always be extra special for those who chose this day to marry, in one of the most iconic landmarks in San Francisco, the gold-trimmed and regal City Hall. 

Lily Liang and Laeeq Evered of Berkeley have been together for eight years. Lily was glowing in her white gown, holding a bouquet, and smiling broadly. 

When asked why she chose Valentine’s Day for her wedding day, she said, "I work for the city. So when I found out that extra appointments were being opened up on Valentine's Day, I thought, well, this is one way you can always remember an anniversary."

Couples come from around the Bay Area, the state, and the world to marry in the ornate headquarters of San Francisco leaders. 

Throughout every level of the rotunda of City Hall, there were lots of fashion, large and small bouquets and plenty of love in the air. 

Professional photographers and guests with mobile phones clicked, capturing memorable photos throughout the building. Couples took turns posing on the large staircase under the rotunda. 

John Pleskech is one of several Deputy Marriage Commissioners. 

"I’ve been performing weddings since 2009 and have married about 10,000 couples. It's so much fun to be with people when they're so happy", said Pleskech. 

Pleskech worked in City Hall for 23 years before retiring twice from his job as a programmer. Now he’s back volunteering as a marriage commissioner once a week, serving as an officiant. 

Pleskech said the volunteer marriage commissioners represent the diversity of the City and some deliver vows in other languages. 

"We offer to do marriages in English, French, Spanish and Cantonese languages if requested…My favorite part is just performing the ceremony, it’s just so much fun," he said.

One bride told us why she and her fiancé chose today of all days to marry. 

Surrounded by a few dozen members of the couple’s friends and family, dressed in red and white, standing for photos on the front stairs of City Hall, Tiffany Ayala Lara of San Francisco said, "He asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day, so this is the only day for us." 

Alice Wertz is a freelance reporter for KTVU Fox 2 News. She can be reached at Alice.Wertz@Fox.com