Owner of Oakland daycare says business vandalized 4 times and city adding to problems

The owner of Starlite Child Development Center in Oakland said his daycare business has been vandalized several times so far this year. 

John Wong said he's cleaned up each time.

But in a matter of days, someone will vandalize the building again.

He said the city of Oakland is adding to his frustration.

Wong has received notices from the city demanding the graffiti be removed within 10 days, or he'll be fined. And in order to appeal, he'll have to pay a filing fee of $137.

"I'm wondering why this building is targeted and those 3 other buildings on the corners are not," said Wong.

The daycare is located on 14th Street at Alice Street in the outskirts of Oakland Chinatown.  

Wong said business has been vandalized four times so far this year with graffiti and broken windows. The most recent vandalism took place a week ago.

"I hate to say it, but I feel like I'm defeated. I'm not being served. I was born and raised in Oakland," Wong said. He feels that city officials are not doing enough to help small business owners such as himself.

He said he's been operating the daycare here for 22 years and that vandalism started becoming a problem a year and a half ago.

"Broken windows so many times, we finally had to stucco over them because we're tired of  claiming insurance for replacement windows. Our deductible doesn't even cover that," Wong said.

He believes the motive may be racial.

The sign out front gives the daycare's name in Chinese

"It's an easy target, maybe they're jumping on the bandwagon because of all the Asian hate crimes. Oh, they're Asian, let's get going on this guy too," said Wong.

Teacher Chi Ma said the vandalism has affected the children ages two to five. The children's art work had been on display in the windows for people who pass by to see until graffiti damaged the windows.

"They see that, they don't feel beautiful. That made me feel a little sad about that," said Ma.

The owner said he's disappointed but not deterred because he loves working with children.

"Help us help the city of Oakland.  We're  providing a service for parents, people who work in the city of Oakland," Wong said.

He said he understands that city leaders and police have other priorities. However, But he's asking is that the city stop sending him violation notices with the threat of fines.

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