Palestine mural in San Francisco vandalized again, this message says 'Kill the Jews'

A pro-Palestinian mural in San Francisco was vandalized with antisemitic remarks that said Kill the Jews. 

A pro-Palestine mural that was vandalized at least six times before was defaced again, this time with hateful and threatening antisemitic remarks that said "Kill the Jews." 

People who frequent the street said the mural was covered by Nazi swastikas and a message that read "Kill the Jews 4 Allah."

On Wednesday, those words had mostly been rubbed out on a mural that depicts Israelis as committing what the artist feels is genocide against the people in Gaza by Chris Gazaleh.

Adam, who lives in the neighborhood, said, "This is a serious escalation in the back-and-forth in regards to the mural, leaving (I'm sure) many in the neighborhood - not just the Jewish community - very concerned about safety and welfare."

Gazaleh painted the mural on his friend's building in Noe Valley about five months ago. 

Gazaleh said the mural stands as a reminder of the families who have been killed in Gaza. 

The mural includes an image of a family surrounded by debris and blood, with bombs labeled "Lockheed Martin" and "Boeing" and "Made in $ USA." 

Atop the painting in bold white letters, it reads "Stop the genocide in Gaza now!"

As of Wednesday, the painting's vandalism had been removed with fresh paint.

The government of Israel does not believe its military is committing genocide against the Palestinian people; rather, the IDF is trying to root out Hamas terrorists who are hiding in Gaza. 

Still, thousands of people in Gaza have died since Oct. 7. 

After the last act of vandalism at the end of April, Gazaleh said he planned to repaint it, but people in the neighborhood said it’ll probably be vandalized again, until the issues in the Middle East are resolved.

Chris Gazaleh painted a mural for Gaza on a Noe Valley building.