Palo Alto school superintendent resigns following sexual assault investigations: 2 Investigates

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The much-maligned superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District is quitting, effective Friday.

Dr. Glenn  "Max" Mcgee had been embroiled in controversy the past few months, following a series of 2-Investigates reports.

Those stories detailed how board and school administrators did not launch Title-IX investigations after at least two reported sexual assaults on campus.

"[McGee's] personal life and wanting to get back home, and this being a good time for him," said Board President Terry Godfrey outside district headquarters Wednesday morning.

Those failures came at a time when the district was already being scrutinized by the office for civil rights for lapse in Title-IX reporting..

In a statement, McGee promised "support...during the transition."

McGee's separation agreement mandates six more months of pay, healthcare coverage until the end of 2017, and the title to a home he purchased with the help of the district, will be transferred to the district.

Some parents are relieved by his ouster, saying change had to start at the top..

 "We're really relived that the board sees there is importance in protecting the children. and the safety of the kids are a priority," said Samiera Guccione, the parent of a district high school student.

The district is also rethinking the role of Superintendent. a special board meeting late Wednesday night will initiate the search for an interim Superintendent. But instead of one person, a leadership team of people may fill the void until a permanent replacement is named. The board also has to fill the role of permanent Title IX Coordinator. members first attempt, failed to land a candidate, so they've reopened the application process with interviewing starting in the coming days.