Paralyzed mother and her son suspend off cliff together

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Photographers captured the incredible moment a mother dangled off of a cliff with her 8-year-old son.

Four years ago, Sarah Jane "SJ" Staszak was left paralyzed in a routine surgery.

She and her son, Hamish, used to explore and go on adventures, and her surgery "took away a lot of her ability to connect with her son", says photographer Benjamin Von Wong.

After Von Wong photographed the two on the Blue Mountains in South Wales, Australia, photographer Karen Alsop captured the pair in a green screen studio, creating scenes that look like they're out of an action movie.

Alsop used Photoshop to merge Staszak's body parts to make it seem like she was out of her wheelchair. 

The photographers say they thought the photos were a good way for them to relive their adventures, just in time for Mother's Day.